Sweet Family Memories

Originally, the idea was to compose a clip to present at Harris’ christening. Time runs so fast and due to the protagonists’ limited free time, we were ten days before the christening day and we didn’t have anything ready yet. We had to think creatively and find the best solution and that is what we came up with! We went to the beach, with Harris and his lovely family to shoot some playing time with the sand. We had a lot of ideas about what else we could do… Finally, after the video shooting, we decided to go to the studio to record few words, written by the mother, to enrich the already powerful clip. Nobody could imagine the result!

The reaction of the guests, during the clip presentation at Harris’christening, was priceless. Everybody got close to the projector and watched the clip speechless. The room was instantly filled with emotions. The guests, family and friends, had tears in their eyes but wide smiles on their faces at the same time!

That was for us the best reward! We can’t describe in words all the feelings that we experienced that day or our gratitude for the positive and loving comments that we received!

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